Russian Language Tutor

12.09.2012 Hello! My name is Tina and I'm Russian Language Tutor. I am fully qualified native Russian speaker with a master's degree from the oldest university in Russia - Moscow State University. Currently I'm living in USA. I can provide you recommendations from my current students, if you want.) Please contact me if your are interested in learning Russian Language. Here is my website (I am working in a language school in Miami) -

Имя:  Tina
Страна:  USA
Образование:  высшее профессиональное
Логин в скайпе:  alpacha53Skype MeT!
Эл. адрес:
Стоимость урока по скайпу:  $27
Родной язык:  Русский
Языки:  Английский

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